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51+ Million Views: Is Going Viral Worth It?

After amassing 51.1 million views and counting, I can confidently say my viral "Ten grand worth of veneers vs one pear" short-form video has done little to grow my brand. It raked in a whopping twenty dollars in revenue, garnered a measly two thousand followers, and attracted no media attention. Gone are the days when viral videos were regularly featured on global news broadcasts when a million views actually meant something. This lack of fanfare for videos that reach millions of people makes you wonder: is going viral worth it anymore?

Is Going Viral Worth It?

Not always. A video consisting of a short little gag, such as losing your expensive dental work to an evening snack, might not attract the attention you desire. Although a viral video may capture the imagination of your audience, it will likely work to your detriment due to its broad reach.

Take a look at the TikTok analytics of the aforementioned pear vs veneers video. A total of 22,070 hours of watch time compelled only 2,670 people to follow me. Nearly seven million people saw that video. Less than 0.04% of all people who saw it hit the follow button. How can we prevent this?

"Finding your niche," though a tired buzz phrase, is the alternative to simply reaching as many people as possible. While some niches may be more competitive than others, no niche is more competitive than simply trying to be as viral as possible. Success within a small corner of the internet will usually yield more conversions and grow a more devoted fanbase.

The Pros and Cons of Going Viral

In the face of shocking metrics like the ones I've shown above, it can be tempting to ignore the clear benefits of going viral. Of course, this is not the correct course of action, as the pros of virality are more numerous and promising than the cons.

A viral video that reaches tens of millions of viewers may result in a gain of ten, twenty, or even thirty thousand plus followers! As a seasoned content creator with over a million and a half followers, I hesitate to steer people away from what has made me so successful.

Virality does come with its cons. Hours of time can be devoted to making videos that don't pack the same punch as easier-to-make content, which attracts the same amount of new followers with less than 10 percent of the reach of a viral video. Knowing how to manage the limited time you have to create content can be difficult, and it's important to talk with experienced creators who can provide valuable insights on effective strategies to build your brand.

The Bottom Line

Views and engagement mean something. Having eyes on your post is never a bad move. Unless a viral video is causing a PR nightmare, it certainly won't harm your brand to put it out there.

Simply going viral in the first place can seem nearly impossible and, if you're serious about getting views and growing your brand, it's best to consult a professional.

If you'd like to know more about how consulting can help you increase viewership and drive conversions, you can learn about my work here. I also encourage you to reach out to me with further questions via my contact form.

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